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Buddha of Hyderabad

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Train Services in Hyderabad :

Train Number Train Name Source Station Dep. Time Destination Station Arr. Time
0730 Hyderabad Kollam Special Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 11:25PM Kollam Junction/QLN 05:30AM
0732 Hyderabad Dadar Special Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 10:00PM Dadar Central/DR 03:30PM
0746 Hyderabad Howrah Special Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 09:50PM Howrah Junction/HWH 03:10AM
0764 Hyderabad Pune Special Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 09:30AM Pune Junction/PUNE 08:50PM
1999 Charminar Express Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 06:30PM Chennai Central/MAS 08:15AM
2702 Hussain Sagar Express Hyderabad Deccan/HYB 02:45 PM Mumbai CST/CSTM 05:05AM

Bus Services in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the vibrant and multi-cultural City of Nizams, is a very well-connected city that provides easy access to various nearby destinations with efficient bus services, and the rest of the country with daily trains and flights.

There are lot of private bus operators as well, who provide services on local and short-distance routes.